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NOTICE: If you are a current member of the WFU Student Blue plan, you may have received a letter from BCBSNC requesting that you provide a social security number or taxpayer identification number.  This IS a legitimate request. 

Why should you give BCBSNC this information? Providing your social security number or ITIN number helps you get credit for having health insurance coverage.  This may help you avoid a fine from the IRS for not having coverage. The Affordable Care Act says that most Americans must have health insurance, and it is a WFU requirement for enrollment for all students. If someone does not have health insurance, they could have to pay a fine. The IRS asks health insurers to report information on their members so it can keep track of who has health insurance.

If you have any questions regarding this communication, please contact the student insurance office at 336.758.4247 or via email at

SPRING 2016 Open Enrollment is now closed

FALL 2016 Open Enrollment will be held from 6/1/16 – 8/1/16

 ALL students (new & returning) must elect to ENROLL or WAIVE, as this is an annual process

Students may elect ot ENROLL or WAIVE online at during the Open Enrollment period

Wake Forest University is committed to the health and well-being of all of its students.

Health Insurance is required as a condition of enrollment for:

  • Full-time, degree-seeking domestic undergraduate students in Wake Forest College
  • Degree-seeking domestic graduate students* in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Divinity, School of Business and School of Law
  • International students with F or J visas
  • Undergraduate students who are degree-seeking students who only need part-time status to compete their degree

Students who are covered under their own insurance plan or a parent’s plan, that meets the WFU criteria (found here), may elect to waive the Student Blue plan.  Students must enroll or waive prior to the fall semester each year, as the benefits period is 8/1 – 7/31.