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Enrollment, Verification, and Waivers

Fall 2016 Open Enrollment

 New & Returning Students

Open Enrollment is 6/1/16 – 8/1/16

New & Returning Students

Wake Forest requires health insurance for all full-time enrolled students.  Students must elect to either enroll in the insurance program or request to waive enrollment if they carry comparable personal health insurance meeting the criteria set by WFU (detailed below).

The benefits year is August 1, 2016 – July 31, 2017.


Beginning Wednesday, June 1, 2016 you may log on to to ENROLL in the Student Blue plan for the 2016-2017 academic year. You will select ENROLL from the homepage, create an account, and move forward with the enrollment process. You will need your student ID number to create an account and proceed with enrollment.


Students who are covered on a health insurance plan of their own, or a parent’s plan, may elect to waive the Student Blue plan if the current plan offers comparable coverage to Student Blue and meets the criteria below (within given deadlines):

1) Have a lifetime maximum benefit of at least $1,000,000. Plans with per incident, per illness or maximums that are less than the lifetime maximum are not acceptable
2) Provide access to health care providers in the Winston-Salem, NC area (Reynolda campus students) or Charlotte, NC area (Charlotte campus students) for emergency and non-emergency conditions, including mental health care. If you have an HMO and Winston-Salem, NC (Reynolda campus students) or Charlotte, NC (Charlotte campus students) is out-of-network, your coverage doesn’t meet our criteria. If your HMO offers guest privileges, you must contact your insurer to receive guest privileges and do so prior to waiving coverage
3) Provide prescription drug benefits
4) Remain in effect while enrolled at WFU

International students with F or J visas will not have the option to waive from the Student Blue unless they are covered by a plan reviewed and approved by the University based on the criteria above. Additionally, the plan must be provided by a company licensed to do business in the U.S. with (a) a U.S. claim payment office, (b) a U.S. telephone number, and (c) plan literature available in English. Travel polices are not accepted for waiver, nor are plans with extensive exclusions of coverage.

To have your plan reviewed, email your policy to If you are considering purchasing insurance in lieu of Student Blue, please contact the Student Insurance Program in advance to ensure the plan is acceptable.

2016-17 Cost of Coverage (August 1, 2016 – July 31, 2017)

2016-17 Premium Information:


All Subscribers         $1,275 per semester; $2,550 annually

Loss of insurance coverage

If you have a loss of health insurance coverage, please contact immediately to be enrolled in the Student Blue plan. Students must contact us within 30 days of loss of coverage to avoid pre-existing condition exclusions.

If a student is found to have no insurance or insurance that doesn’t meet our criteria, he/she will be enrolled in the Student Blue plan through WFU.

Wake Forest University exempt and nonexempt employees and faculty members (who may also be degree-seeking students) are not eligible to enroll in Student Blue. This exclusion does not apply to WFU students who have assistantships.